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Used Rides

  • Refurbished Vertical Reality Single Station

    Refurbished Vertical Reality Single Station

    REFURBISHED VERTICAL REALITY SINGLE STATION  Includes: Everything IS BRAND NEW except the frame.  Frame has been repainted to look new.   NEW: Carabiners,, Swivels, and Ropes - Rave Inflatable Bongo Trampoline - Shop Vac - Bungee...

  • USED 2015 Mobile Spider Jump  (4 stations)

    USED 2015 Mobile Spider Jump (4 stations)

    2015 Mobile Spider Jump Bungee Trampoline    This unit is in excellent condition, 9 out of 10. It comes with everything to operate Ropes, Harnesses, bungee cords, rigging etc.  Unit was used indoors inside a mall.   He was...

  • Used Fencing

    Used Fencing

    Custom Vinyl Fencing for Sale.   (USED) This fencing was used for a Single Station Bungee Trampoline.  Covers a 20x20 area $600.00 FOR MORE INFORMATION Phone: 1-800-501-3179 ORDERS@BUNGEESUPPLY.COM Receive Promotions &...

  •  Doron Simulator

    Doron Simulator

    Doron Simulators For Sale  - MOTIVATED SELLER - Includes: Fencing All unit are in great condition and have been well maintained.There are 8 Doron SR2 Simulators and 2 Doron SRV simulators, all have computer upgrade with 30 different rides...

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