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Bungee Units

  • New Bungee Trampoline System

    New Bungee Trampoline System

    The Bungee Jump is essentially a multi station Super Trampoline system that enables a person to jump over 20 feet into the air and perform gravity defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults that will make even Gymnasts green with envy! It is an eye...

  • NEW VR Single Station Power Jump

    NEW VR Single Station Power Jump

    Great For MallsHealth CentersSmaller ResortsRacquetball/Squash Court ConversationsFamily Fun CentersFairs & ShowsSmall Footprint 17 x 17Ceiling height required 30 ft. Call for shipping quote.  FOR MORE INFORMATION Phone:...

  • Used Eurobungy (4 stations)

    Used 4 Station Eurobungy    This unit is in good condition.  It comes with everything to operate, fencing, lighting and a 14ft enclosed trailer for transport.       - Manufactured by Eurobungy - Includes Everything...

  • Used Fencing

    Used Fencing

    Custom Vinyl Fencing for Sale.   (USED) This fencing was used for a Single Station Bungee Trampoline.  Covers a 20x20 area $600.00 FOR MORE INFORMATION Phone: 1-800-501-3179 ORDERS@BUNGEESUPPLY.COM Receive Promotions &...

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